Getting hired is very difficult.

Hey, even getting interviews is difficult!

Scoop is a group of professionals who have landed offers
from the elite companies you want to work for.

Companies in Finance like Goldman, Morgan Stanley, JPM,
in Tech like Google, Facebook,
in Consulting like McKinsey, Bain, BCG.

1-on-1 affordable interview coaching, networking advice, careers planning until you get hired. You pay a $450 annual subscription, plus $60 per 1-hour session.

Scoop is invitation-only. Don’t tell your friends. Our coach-to-client ratio limits our number of subscribers.

Find a coach you like, and continue to retain him/her to work 1-on-1 with you. Traders, software engineers, bankers, strategy consultants, lawyers, you name it.

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Frequently Ask & Questions

What’s the big deal about Scoop?

Getting hired is really difficult.

Even getting interviews is difficult!

At last you can get an expert - who has already landed the job you want - to hold your hand and give you one on one attention and expert advice. And it’s affordable!

Ok, ok, but how will you help me pass interviews?

By coaching the hell out of you! No human resources people, no recruitment agents, no career services people. Only experts who attended the best universities and who have already secured job offers from the elite companies you want to work for.

How are you going to get me interviews?

By teaching you how to network; who to network with; what to say to senior professionals when you contact them; give you a customised list of companies to apply to; how to improve your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, online applications

How affordable?

An annual subscription of $450 (that we get) and a $60 fee (that the coach & administrator gets) for each coaching session you have. 45 of our Coaches are London-based, & 60 are in New York & San Francisco. We price in US Dollars.

Who are the coaches?

Professionals who collected job offers from the same elite companies you want to work for.

We protect the anonymity of our coaches by using pseudonyms and altering slightly their actual profiles.

Great reasons NOT to subscribe to Scoop

I don’t need any help (my my, how confident you are!)

Too expensive (Seriously?!)

I don’t need help now (Fine – we’ll wait for you)

I already have my dream career (Hey, join our coaching team!)

Can I join your coaching team?

Sure thing! Email us here and talk to us. You need to have secured offers from elite companies.

I have a question

Email us here. We always reply to every email. And we’re quick!

Can I have a free trial?

No – don’t be a cheapskate! This is your career we’re talking about!!

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Pass interviews

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